Duration 1 hour and 3 minutes
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On Friday, December 3, 2021, Gerrie van der Klei performed with Martien Oster et al.


Renowned jazz star Gerrie van der Klei – who was actually programmed on 3 December in the DeLaMar Theater with the musical Diana and Sons, will give a special concert with guitarist Martien Oster, double bassist Joep Lumeij, pianist Erik van der Luijt and drummer Jean-Clair de Ruwe .

Gerrie has performed all over the world with the renowned Boy Edgar and his Big Band.

She also played countless leading roles in musicals and theater performances. In 2020 she won the John Kraaijkamp Musical Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role of Maria Fyodorovna in the musical Anastasia and was nominated for a John Kraaijkamp Musical Award in 2001 for Best Supporting Actress in 42nd Street.

Gerrie won the audience award Best Solo Program 1984 for the theater show Op Doorrreis and received several Edisons for the albums with Boy Edgar and You’re The Top.