Duration 1 hour and 13 minutes
Watch in HD (1080) with CD audio quality

On Sunday, November 25, 2021, Anaphora performed for Watch Live Jazz in Club Cinetone with Filippo Deorsola on piano, Jonathan Ho Chin Kilt on double bass and Ap Verhoeven on drums.


For this sonic concert, Anaphora invites you to join them on their exploration.

Through original music and special arrangements, Anaphora, the audience and all of our ears will inspect the tiny musical particle that can become everything that can be.

How is it that something happens? How is it that something does not? A Something, somewhere, is born. An echo of memories past and future, the tiny particle starts to move. Through its movement, other particles are set in motion and soon enough a blob of raw potentiality is created. It resonates with itself, unlocking possibilities already present within the Acoustic Space, actualising them into pure waves of Sound. A moving sound that moves further within the room, exploring it in all its corners, dancing around the audience, the instruments, the stage and the musicians. The sound, now liberated, can no longer be contained. Hopefully, it can be directed. But how ? The sonic organism Anaphora Trio aims to engage with the tiny particle of musical possibility that can become this something more through Improvisation.

The International Trio was formed in 2018 in Rotterdam and has toured BENELUX extensively, including a 12-date tour right before the pandemic. Through sponsorship of SENA and other Dutch Cultural Funds, it will record its debut album – “Lexicon I” — in November of 2021, which will be released in Summer of 2022 under the well-known Italian label Auand Records.

Anaphora is:

Filippo Deorsola – Piano
Jonathan Ho Chin Kiat – Double Bass
Ap Verhoeven – Drums