This sparkling jazz trio that has played at leading venues and festivals, and also performed on our stage.

“Something about Sanna” was founded in the summer of 2017 when Sanna van Vliet (vocals/piano), Sven Schuster (bass) and Joost Kesselaar (drums) worked together for the first time. We clicked musically very well; there was spontaneity, alertness and room for musical twists. The musicians complement each other well because they all come from a different musical background.


“The trio sounds fresh and energetic. Highlights are the wonderful groove, the melodic bass playing and the extremely pleasant vocals and swinging piano playing. The trio plays jazz with an infectious funky groove and the songs remain captivating because of the energy that the band continues to convey.” music world

“A pleasant surprise: swinging songs that seem to have a longer life than many contemporary compositions usually are. Sanna van Vliet is an excellent singer and pianist with a talent for composition. A trio with its own sound.” Klaas Koopman, The New Muse.


  • Joost Kesselaar 1080 x 1080

    Joost Kesselaar


  • Sanna van Vliet

    Sanna van Vliet

    Vocals & Piano

  • Sven Schuster

    Sven Schuster

    Double Bass

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